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I NOTICED AT A YOUNNG AGE I LIKE TO DRESS IN WOMANS SEXY PANTIES BRAS GSTRINGS SUSPENDERS AND STOCKINGS WHEN ID BE AT MY SECRET CUBBY I FEELAWESOME FELT HAPPY AS AND ENJOYED READING OR WATCHING A XXX PORN MOVIE I SIT AND DREAM TO BE ONE OF SLUTTY PORN GIRLS AND DREAMED I WORE WHAT ONE OF THE GIRLS WERE AND DONE EVERYTHING THEY DONE I REMEMBER STAYING AT MY AUNTYS SHE WENT OUT AND I WENT THROUGH HER DRAWS AND GOT SOM VERY EXSPENSIVE LINGIRIE OUT IT WAS TOP $$ BEST U COULD GET. SO EVERY NOW AND THEN I GOT TO TOILET BLOCK DRESS UP AND WANNA MEET A GUY TO MAKE ME HIS BITCH OF A HOUSE SLUT I WAS THINKING OF GOING AND AN OLDER GUY TOOK ME HOME HE HAD PORN AND SMALL DILDO ASWELLAS A BIG ONE AND THE 3RD A HUGE SOFT RUBBER ONE HUGE so i had a quick shower put my gstring matching bra stockings and suspenders 0n some makeup onready to i sucked his huge huge cock like i didnt want to stop he thenlaid me on my back holding mylegs behind me b4 iknew it his huge cock was deep inside off me and i copped a nice very hard pounding which made me mone n grone in pleasure it was beautiful even was moaning groning begging for more cock i was pounded like nothing else i dint it want it to start eversince since then yrs ago ive gone topublic toilets dressed up to meet a guy to bosss me around have his way with me thrashing the fuck outta me like im a dirty slut but nolucki been socking big cock for hours i remember he gave me a raining tennis bat s0 not long ago i thinkmy mrs got ontomeshe has worked something out acouple times she got big dildo out i shit my self at da size but when i was told iput my head down flat biting the pilllow i had m8 he got me on my knees with my head down with my head chewing onda pillow okay it started when he tounged the fuck outta my arse and licked me out he got the lube and said u ready now i said ye ap i could feel it it was about 3 foot plus long he slipped it in i gave abit of a grin befor u no i wasnt used to it but as it was thrshing me hard in n out round n round fuck it was awesome as fucked but wanted more wanted to be thrashed and torn up for 2 days he thrshed my arse super hard and i deaset loved it made come and come 3 or 4 times after we finnished i was shaking and getting fucked so hard made me take it harder n harder than ever b4. now i wanna meet a guy and be his slutty bitch thatll do what ever im told to and take advantage of me illbe your slut and let em all d0 anthing at all they wanna do . so afew yrs down the track me n me misses go talking once she say how she wants to stick a huge massive dick my my arse i fell andteel yhe sighn diferance next thing my legs where spead now dat they are spread right apart i i feel like a naughty rotten little slut here it goes sliding fuck up mutt i said lets smoke a joint up babe when e
we go talking im cooping em hard as fuck i cant believe hows sexy n crazy it fucking feels i want it more and pounded hard as fuck hey babe get kinky and jump in on cant ever let this stop si ill have to sneakout brah everything is ging great to dont bother ya seles in going to get da oars acouple months later hay me and the misses where in bed we started feeling horny and fucking rite up thenthe misses grabbed me to dance wih her huh!i cracked da shits n went tobed u knew it though i was pasiionmy brothe zsnot a word bot this anyc afew time goe buy after i had my arsed fuck deadset hardasafuck but its hard to explain fuck me in the arseand ill pait it of ok lads im out on a missionfuv
cking rorting and standing ver thede cunts deadset i promise to u the crew wll get abit older sombody bags them we went of topic heres its about ya kids gonna have to eat da other bread coz da is deadset stail n sickno will this cunt keepof ya back faraway frou tell me before i bust in da dogs do and take is last 1/4 box of shootgun shellthe moral to the story is i started litting mmuse blacky onme at time it was great i didnt want it tohard but idid but i couldnt let on that at times it was amazing and ijust wanted to spread my legs wide apart so it went nice and deep downinside the other night my girl said again i nolove getting fucked by me with blacky yeah i was tired but thought fuckit i wont lie i said i like coz u do she then said how about you dressup all in sexy sexy slutty ligerie and you can be the bitch for the night while i fucku so hard n deep with the strapon dildo imbuying to use on you i said joking round i wont where sexy girls underwear to bed i then said to her serious now youd love for me to dress as a girl then let u thrash my arse of huh thats what she so u lucky i love u well startgetn kinking and gonna by a strapon coz my misses is a kinky bitch that likes to be alldat and da boss she just told me she buing a strapon tob eda fuckinking in da bed be da boss have me do what u want me to i dontcare i will if it saves we willbe doing it alot all we need is to get a sexy slutty lingirie suit for me tobe waering so when i buy yourstrapon and my sexy lingirie underwear means your the boss a controll it in the bed so coz i love imgonna do a specialthing for you be illbe wearing the best made lingirie underwears oh yeah cant wait to dressup in panties and bra while u da boss an fuckmy arse hard



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