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I had been driving around for a few weeks at night fully dressed as a girl getting on the highway when I got next to a trucker I would slow down turn on the light in my car and let the trucker look in seeing my legs.

I was sure they were seeing a lot because my short dress or skirt was way up on my thigh, a few times I let it ride up very high even showing a little panty, at times I would have a row of trucker speeding up riding on the side of me honking and blowing there horn all this was turning me so on.

Anyway one night it was about eleven o'clock I pulled off the highway and ended up at the Lion Den adult book store, I was asking myself if I could really have the nerve to go in dressed like this, I was wearing a short brown skirt, tan blouse and three inch open toe shoes.

I sat in the lot for a few minutes watching a few people going in and out trying to talk myself in to going in, there was only a few cars in the lot so I thought what is the worse thing they could do other than ask me to leave and I can handle that.

I took a deep breath and slowly strolled up to the door with my heart beating so fast opening it, it seemed like everything went in slow motion as people turned looking at me including the clerk who paused smiled then nodded at me.

I was having such a rush being here and being seen like this up to this point only one person had really seen me dressed as a girl, i was only in there about ten minutes but it seemed like hours as others came in looking at me, I didn't buy a thing but quickly rushed out the door going back to my car.

I sat there thinking I can't believe I did that but it really was a rush then to my very surprise there was a tap on my window and I thought I was going to die, I looked and a guy was standing there saying "hey I liked what I saw and I'd like to talk to you".

I really didn't know what to do but opened the window with the door locked making small talk with him for about ten minutes then he tried to get in but talked me it to getting out talking to him.

Now once again I don't know what I was thinking standing by my car talking to him as he walked up looking me up and down especially at my legs saying nice getting closer reaching feeling high on my thigh I kind of froze wondering what I should do but also realized I liked his touch, he smiled and since I didn't say anything he ran his hand up higher going up under my skirt feeling the side of my panties, pausing, I leaned up off the car and he just reached around feeling my butt "umm very nice" he said fondling it.

Now I knew at this point I should stop him but I just couldn't letting him pull me in his arms reaching around with both hands feeling my pantie covered bottom and he was really squeezing them then for one brief moment I got my senses when a car pulled up and the light hit up with him handling me this way, I pulled from his arms saying we need to stop.

But I was worked up from his touch as we watched a guy get out the car looking at us grinning going in the store, I said "I need to go" but that guy pulled me back in his arms holding me feeling my butt again moving me on the other side of the car.

He took my hand as he opened his pants pulling out his hard cock putting mine on it and I just stroked it not able to take my hands off it for a few minutes then without saying a word he nudged me down on my knees in front of him, now I knew I should get up and get out of here but I didn't know what to do just thought how did I get here.

"Suck me" I heard him say and not sure what might happen if I didn't when he pulled my head forward I just opened my lips took it in and began sucking his cock, taking more in my mouth with each pump now up to this time I had only sucked one guys cock several times but having this strangers cock in my mouth was very exciting so I just closed my eyes and went for it sucking his cock getting as much in my mouth as I could.

He began to pump his hips to my face with his hand on my head, again I thought I couldn't believe I was sucking his cock on the side of my car, I could hear him moaning and panting for a few minutes then he paused with his hips shaking and I felt him cumming in my mouth.

I just paused feeling each squirt of his fluid landing on my tongue and in the back of my throat until he finished I pulled back letting his cock pop from my lips and I spit his cum on the ground wiping my mouth off, he looked down at me as I got up off my knees looking around to see if anyone saw what I did being happy no one did.

He pulled me in his arms holding me feeling my butt again whispering in my ear "I can't believe a black person can suck a dick like that and you really suck great dick" he had no idea he was only the second guys dick I sucked, we talked a little more and he went to his car and I got in mine thinking wow I can't believe I just gave that man a blow job, starting my car I then drove off going home feeling excited by what I just did.

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My wife is out of town, giving me a great opportunity to fulfill my fantasy of being an all out cum slut in front of a crowd. I go all out dressing up as a sexy slut for party that I am about to attend. I have had my nails done at a salon and my body is freshly shaven. I have a hard time keeping my cock in my sexy silk panties as I put on my black thigh-highs and short black skirt. Eventually I get all dressed up and then walk out to my car in my slutty outfit without caring if any of my neighbors see me.

Not long after I arrive at the party, the fun begins. The way I am dressed, it is quite obvious what I am there for. I soon end up with my cock plunged into a hot girl, then a guy behind me lifts up my short skirt and sticks a hard dick up my ass. The girl and I are soon taking turns sucking another guy (I take much longer turns than her!). The guy that I am sucking then fills my mouth with cum and I swallow most of it, but some runs down my chin and the girl starts licking it up and giving me cum kisses. I explode into her pussy while I hear the sound of the guy slapping against my ass checks as he fucks my ass. I then feel the guy behind me thrust his cock deeper into my ass as his shoots his load into me.

The girl then flips me over and straddles my face with a pussy full of fresh cum. I suck and lick the cum as it flows out onto my face. She gets in a 69 with me and starts sucking my dick. While I'm eating her pussy, a big hard cock slides into her pussy. I start licking the cock as it slides in and out of her dripping wet pussy and his balls are bouncing in my face. Every few strokes, his dick pulls out of her pussy and slides into my mouth for a few strokes. He then explodes part of his load into her pussy and part down my throat. I again suck her pussy dry. The girl then starts licking up the cum that is all over my face and feeds it back to me.

I then look up and see two more guys waiting for their turn!

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Sitting in a sexy outfit, I open up my mind. My g-string teddy is so comfy, my light purple bra underneath helps me feel feminine.
Most exciting are my bright red 5inch high heels. They feel so good on my feet, better than I ever imagined. Size 12 special order, I love them.
I am getting used to wearing them, and learning how to walk in them.

I so much want to wear them out in public. Drive somewhere I don’t usually go, put my heels on in the car and go for a walk. Maybe go to a shopping centre, walk around and enjoy the rush of wearing high heels in public dressed as a man, enjoy the looks from people as they notice my high heels.

I love dressing up in lingerie and heels. I have one dress that I wear as well.
I got it from my mother, I saw it hanging in the spare room, grabbed it tried it on and loved it. Put it back on the hanger and went straight up to mother and asked “Can I have this?” and she said fine.

I want to buy more women’s clothes and have complete outfits, get some handbags and I must get a wig, long in length , below the shoulders, and blonde in colour.
I want get totally transformed into a woman, make up and all.
Take lots of pics and in different outfits.
When I have a good female image and feel comfortable in the outfit, go out dressed up as a woman, drive around for a bit, go to a café get a coffee and go for a walk. The most fun would just be walking around in public dressed as a woman. I would wear opaque tights and long sleeves, so I don’t have to shave my arms and legs.

I would love to have a dress up session with another sissy. Just hang out wearing lingerie, heels and women’s clothes, have some drinks. Try on all the outfits and take photos and make a video. Then get sexual with each other, exploring our bodies while dressed up, kissing, sucking, licking and rubbing. Have oral sex and ass play, licking the ass and fucking each other. I would love for a girl to be there too, she would tell us what to wear then take photos and we would both fuck her, she would film us as we dress up and as we fuck. Then with a strap-on she would fuck one sissy boy and the other would film.

I want a woman to dominate me. Call me Emma, dress me up in lingerie, heels and a dress. Do my make up and order me to do things.
Make me pleasure her and perform for her, striptease and model outfits.
I would want her to have a big 12inch long 3inch wide strap-on dildo and fuck me hard, and make be suck it like I would a real dick.
I would also fuck her in both holes, her ass with my dick and her pussy with the dildo, pulling it out and we both lick her juice off it.
I would fill her ass with cum and then lick her asshole out.
Gather some cum in my hands and smear it on her face.

I want to lick and suck her pussy, pushing my tongue inside. I would work my way around to her asshole, lick it all over and rub her pussy. I would shove my tongue into her asshole, licking it out and shoving my face into her ass.
As I lick my way through her holes I start with my fingers, massaging her pussy and ass. Slowly inserting one finger into each hole and continue to lick her holes with my tongue.
Using both hands I insert 3 fingers in each hole, push them in deep and get my tongue in there too.
I focus on her puss now using 4 fingers in her pussy and use my tongue on her ass.
As I work my fingers in and out of her pussy I start working my thumb into her.
In just a couple of thrusts my whole hand is inside her pussy and I make a fist.
I slowly start working more of my arm into her pussy. She is squirming with pleasure and pain, she moans and screams when I push my arm in deeper.
I have my arm in her up to my elbow, thrusting it in and out of her stretched juicy pussy.
She screams and shudders, drenching my arm with pussy juice. She yells deeper go deeper, I shove my arm in past the elbow, she screams and shakes, and says deeper.
I go deeper and now my armpit is touching her pussy lips.
My whole arm is inside her, I fuck her with my arm and lean in to lick her asshole out.
She shudders and moans, I pull my arm out and she grabs it and starts licking her juice off it.
I would like to be with a shemale, and be able to suck her dick and have her fill me with cum.
The thought of having a real dick in my mouth and ass turns me on.
I would first want my ass fill with cum, so I could feel it oozing around inside me and feel it leaking from my ass. I would love if she would piss in my mouth, on my face and all over me. Then I would suck her cock passionately and swallow her cum, saving some to rub all over my face. I would do any sex act she desires.

Most of all I really just want someone to dress up with. Dressing up alone at home is getting a bit dull. I really want a girlfriend to play with, dress me up and take pictures, make me go out in public with her dressed as a woman, sit around and chat and try on different out-fits together, paint our nails and just chat.

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I NOTICED AT A YOUNNG AGE I LIKE TO DRESS IN WOMANS SEXY PANTIES BRAS GSTRINGS SUSPENDERS AND STOCKINGS WHEN ID BE AT MY SECRET CUBBY I FEELAWESOME FELT HAPPY AS AND ENJOYED READING OR WATCHING A XXX PORN MOVIE I SIT AND DREAM TO BE ONE OF SLUTTY PORN GIRLS AND DREAMED I WORE WHAT ONE OF THE GIRLS WERE AND DONE EVERYTHING THEY DONE I REMEMBER STAYING AT MY AUNTYS SHE WENT OUT AND I WENT THROUGH HER DRAWS AND GOT SOM VERY EXSPENSIVE LINGIRIE OUT IT WAS TOP $$ BEST U COULD GET. SO EVERY NOW AND THEN I GOT TO TOILET BLOCK DRESS UP AND WANNA MEET A GUY TO MAKE ME HIS BITCH OF A HOUSE SLUT I WAS THINKING OF GOING AND AN OLDER GUY TOOK ME HOME HE HAD PORN AND SMALL DILDO ASWELLAS A BIG ONE AND THE 3RD A HUGE SOFT RUBBER ONE HUGE so i had a quick shower put my gstring matching bra stockings and suspenders 0n some makeup onready to i sucked his huge huge cock like i didnt want to stop he thenlaid me on my back holding mylegs behind me b4 iknew it his huge cock was deep inside off me and i copped a nice very hard pounding which made me mone n grone in pleasure it was beautiful even was moaning groning begging for more cock i was pounded like nothing else i dint it want it to start eversince since then yrs ago ive gone topublic toilets dressed up to meet a guy to bosss me around have his way with me thrashing the fuck outta me like im a dirty slut but nolucki been socking big cock for hours i remember he gave me a raining tennis bat s0 not long ago i thinkmy mrs got ontomeshe has worked something out acouple times she got big dildo out i shit my self at da size but when i was told iput my head down flat biting the pilllow i had m8 he got me on my knees with my head down with my head chewing onda pillow okay it started when he tounged the fuck outta my arse and licked me out he got the lube and said u ready now i said ye ap i could feel it it was about 3 foot plus long he slipped it in i gave abit of a grin befor u no i wasnt used to it but as it was thrshing me hard in n out round n round fuck it was awesome as fucked but wanted more wanted to be thrashed and torn up for 2 days he thrshed my arse super hard and i deaset loved it made come and come 3 or 4 times after we finnished i was shaking and getting fucked so hard made me take it harder n harder than ever b4. now i wanna meet a guy and be his slutty bitch thatll do what ever im told to and take advantage of me illbe your slut and let em all d0 anthing at all they wanna do . so afew yrs down the track me n me misses go talking once she say how she wants to stick a huge massive dick my my arse i fell andteel yhe sighn diferance next thing my legs where spead now dat they are spread right apart i i feel like a naughty rotten little slut here it goes sliding fuck up mutt i said lets smoke a joint up babe when e
we go talking im cooping em hard as fuck i cant believe hows sexy n crazy it fucking feels i want it more and pounded hard as fuck hey babe get kinky and jump in on cant ever let this stop si ill have to sneakout brah everything is ging great to dont bother ya seles in going to get da oars acouple months later hay me and the misses where in bed we started feeling horny and fucking rite up thenthe misses grabbed me to dance wih her huh!i cracked da shits n went tobed u knew it though i was pasiionmy brothe zsnot a word bot this anyc afew time goe buy after i had my arsed fuck deadset hardasafuck but its hard to explain fuck me in the arseand ill pait it of ok lads im out on a missionfuv
cking rorting and standing ver thede cunts deadset i promise to u the crew wll get abit older sombody bags them we went of topic heres its about ya kids gonna have to eat da other bread coz da is deadset stail n sickno will this cunt keepof ya back faraway frou tell me before i bust in da dogs do and take is last 1/4 box of shootgun shellthe moral to the story is i started litting mmuse blacky onme at time it was great i didnt want it tohard but idid but i couldnt let on that at times it was amazing and ijust wanted to spread my legs wide apart so it went nice and deep downinside the other night my girl said again i nolove getting fucked by me with blacky yeah i was tired but thought fuckit i wont lie i said i like coz u do she then said how about you dressup all in sexy sexy slutty ligerie and you can be the bitch for the night while i fucku so hard n deep with the strapon dildo imbuying to use on you i said joking round i wont where sexy girls underwear to bed i then said to her serious now youd love for me to dress as a girl then let u thrash my arse of huh thats what she so u lucky i love u well startgetn kinking and gonna by a strapon coz my misses is a kinky bitch that likes to be alldat and da boss she just told me she buing a strapon tob eda fuckinking in da bed be da boss have me do what u want me to i dontcare i will if it saves we willbe doing it alot all we need is to get a sexy slutty lingirie suit for me tobe waering so when i buy yourstrapon and my sexy lingirie underwear means your the boss a controll it in the bed so coz i love imgonna do a specialthing for you be illbe wearing the best made lingirie underwears oh yeah cant wait to dressup in panties and bra while u da boss an fuckmy arse hard

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I've been crossdressing since I was 20 years old.One of my favorite things to do is get all dressed up in women's clothes and drive around on the open road.

Several years ago I was mad at my ex wife for doing some stupid shit with our checking account and we were split up for some well needed cooling off time.The more I got to thinking about her stupidity the more I got to smoking some pot and drinking a few mixed drinks to get the crap off my mind.I got pretty stoned and decided to get dolled up.My legs and body hair already smooth shaven and toenails painted a bright red,I decided to put on some lingerie that my wife bought for me,a black lace cami with matching garter belt,thong panties and silky sheer black stockings.I got feeling pretty sexy and slipped into some 5 inch open toe thin strap high heels,that really got me going and I reached for my favorite wig and put it on as well,one thing for sure my ex wife had good taste when it came to dressing me up.Now I put on a skimpy mini-skirt and thin nylon blouse,before I knew it I had applied make-up the best I could(I never was real good with the make-up),I thought I looked good enough to pass as a woman myself and back then probably could.

I was feeling so sexy and decided to go for a drive,I love driving around dressed up like a woman.I headed for Memphis just to feel the night air against my feminine feeling body.I stopped at a station near the Interstate and filled up with gas and got some smokes,the clerk looked at me strange but smiled as she took my money and I pranced out to my car getting several looks on the way,that got me really hot and now I wanted some dick.I was not on a mission to be with a man,if I was my steady boyfriend would have been happy to let me suck and fuck him but I was already heading to Memphis and it wouldn't be long and I`d be there and I knew where a really good gay bar was and might get lucky there.

I stopped at a rest stop just about twenty minutes out from Memphis to smoke a joint.I pulled towards the back and parked where there were no other cars around.I stepped out of the car and walked about 200 feet to a picnic table under a canopy,although the area was well lit,there was just enough darkness that even if someone saw me they would not have known I was a man dressed like a woman.I sat down lit my joint and just admired how good them stockings and high heels looked on me.I was so caught up in myself that I never noticed this man walk up.He spoke in a soft well mannered voice saying,"damn I thought you were a woman but I see you are just a sexy wanna be girl".I was embarrassed because I did not see him coming and now what do I say or do?

Before I could say a lot he sat down and asked if that was weed I was smoking and I said yes,he asked if he could hit it and I simply said yes,I mean I am in an uncomfortable position right then.He sat next to me and we finished the joint off and he started telling me how nice I looked and asked me to stand up and show him how I looked walking in my heels.I did and sat back down by him and he gently felt my legs and just the feel of his masculine hands rubbing against my nylon covered legs was enough to drive me nuts,I responded by rubbing his leg until I reached the bulge in his pants.I could feel his cock as it got hard and we started kissing and rubbing each other and I could tell he was well hung as I rubbed his stiff cock through his jeans.He had my cock hard as well and only the band around my panties was able to keep my cock from being exposed to the world.

He suggested that we go to his semi parked clear across the other side of the rest area and right out front where all the other trucks and cars were parked. At that point I just wanted some dick so bad I just said let`s do it.We both got into my car and I drove around to where his truck was but I had to park about 100 feet from where his rig was parked and walk the rest of the way.I was so horny that I didn't even give it a second thought.All I wanted was for this man to fuck my brains out and I knew that he was going to do just that.

I felt like a real woman for that 100 foot walk across the well lit pavement to where his rig was.He opened the passenger side door and helped me up in the truck so I wouldn't slip in my high heels.He made his way around the other side and when he got in the truck he eased over towards me and kissed me some more and my hand immediately went for his crotch only this time I was undoing his belt and pants to expose a massive 9 inch cut fat cock.I was stroking him gently and he asked me did I like his cock? I said I love your cock,he then eased my hand away and slid to the back cabin of his rig and reached up to get me by the hand and guide me back to him on the very comfortable bed he had in there.

When I got up on the bed beside him I finished undressing him and he was undressing me as well.I was completely naked before I knew it and now I had him naked as well.I was so impressed with his manly look and massive cock I just had to stare for a minute.We were stroking each others cocks so gently and rubbing our naked bodies together kissing like we were in love.Just feeling him stroking my cock and how good it felt to have him there with me with his tongue working in and out of my mouth and his hard cock in my hand I eased my way to kissing him all over his neck and chest,sucking his nipples as I worked my way down to his massive cock.I kissed his cock gently from the head all the way down to his balls.I sucked his balls as I stroked his cock and eased my way around for him to be able to suck my cock as well.

We were now sucking each others cocks pretty intently when I felt him start to thrust,I knew he was fixing to cum and so was I.He stopped sucking my dick for just a second to say,"I`m fixing to cum",I said me too but please go ahead and cum when he was ready.That said we resumed sucking each other when he exploded and I could barely swallow his cum fast enough to not lose a drop of his juices.He moaned so intently as he was sucking my cock really fast and I exploded in his mouth and when he had finally drained me he eased around and kissed me giving me my cum as well.Now we were both pretty sweaty,kissing and rubbing again and I could feel him getting hard again,I looked him in his eyes and said I wanted him to fuck me so bad and he said that he would love to do that because he never has fucked a guy before.It was`nt long and his massive cock was rock hard as he laid on his back I straddled him and eased his cock up my waiting ass,he was a bit larger than I had been used to but once I felt him get so far in I began to work my ass up and down the shaft of his cock and it was only a few minutes and I had all of his wonderful cock inside of me and I was riding him like a bucking bronco.I actually shot my load across his chest just feeling his cock inside of me.It was another 15 minutes of pure pleasure before he told me he was cumming and we both were thrusting so hard you could feel his body slapping my ass cheeks as he fucked me and he shot his load deep inside of me and I shot another load across his chest.

I could`nt take it no more I pulled off his cock and started licking my cum off his chest and eased down to suck his cock clean.All I could do is sit up light a cigarette and get my stockings and panties on.I was so satisfied and I knew he was too,I just looked at him and said thank you for a well needed fucking.I finished getting dressed and we kissed for a few more minutes and exchanged phone numbers before I made my way back to my car.All that I was thinking as I left his truck was,"I`m just a crossdresser wanting some dick on the road."

Needless to say I never made it to Memphis that night,but I was so satisfied having a man to make me feel so complete.

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About a month ago, I had sex with my first man. It has been a long time coming but I am so glad I did it.

I have been crossdressing for a while. I started going out in public just to see if I could get away with it. I am only a little effeminate, 5'7" with a toned swimmers build, about 115 pounds, I even grew my hair out to get a crop cut.

So I finally decided I would take it to the next level. I posted ads on craigslist, and after about a week of posting everyday I finally found the guy I wanted. He was a tall, muscular, white guy with a bit of an Italian look, with almost no body hair.

I met him at a starbucks. I was of course subtlety crossdressed in the jeans that show off my ass the best and a striped blouse with a black leather jacket and some flats; I put on some cute black panties and bra (I have a toned enough chest to wear a AA cup bra). He seemed like a decent guy so I talked to him for a minute and got him to come back to my place.

We got to my house and we sat down on my sofa we made out for a little bit. Compared to me he had huge hands. I straddled him and he put one of his hands on my lower back and one on my ass. I could feel his cock on my leg. I rubbed it a little through his jeans; he squeezed my ass really hard when I did. I got off of him and got down on my knees. I played with his cock more through his jeans. I unzipped his pants and he relaxed a bit. I pulled out his cock. It was everything I hoped it would be. His email said he was 9 inches and he was. His cock was almost as long as my forearm. He wasn't too thick though, I put him in my mouth. He put his hand on the back of my head and softly pushed my head down. I gagged before I could go all the way down. I sucked his cock for a few minutes before I got up.

I asked him if he wanted a drink, then I poured us a few shots of whiskey. We made out some more while we were drinking. At one point he pinned me against the wall and grabbed my crotch. He could feel my cock even though I am only 4 inches. After I had about three or four shots I excused myself to go change. I went to my room and put on my white thigh-highs with little pink bows to the top, matching white teddy, gloves and garter belt. I put on my 4 inch heels and a soft pink lipstick and mascara. I put on a my robe so that I could surprise him when I was ready.

I went back to my living room and offered him another drink. I led him back to my room. I put my hands on is sides and felt up muscular body. I went the rest of the way up and took off his shirt. Then I ran my hands down his body as I got on my knees and I took off his pants and briefs. I led him to my bed and sat him down and pushed him back on his back. Dropped my robe and watched his cock come to life. I got down and started sucking his cock (I can suck a lot deeper when I have had a few drinks), after a few minutes he sat up and picked me up and laid me on the bed where my head was hanging off. He walked around to where he was standing over me. He put his hand on the back of my neck put his cock up to my lips. I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in deep. He went all the way in until my chin hit his body. He left it there for a second and he touched the front of my neck and he felt of his cock inside my throat. Then he started thrusting back and forth. After a few times my eyes where watering. He kept going and it got hard to breath. He started going a little faster and I tried to slow him down. He grabbed my hands and held one of my arms by the wrist and put his foot on my other arm. So now my arms were stretched out and he was still fucking my face. He started going a little faster and not as deep. I started tasting a little cum, then it really started going. My mouth filled with cum and he was still thrusting and still hard.

He pulled out of my mouth and I had a little cum running up my face almost into my eye and a little went up my nose. He told me to stand up and I did, he grabbed my jaw and opened my mouth, then he told me to swallow. After I swallowed he grabbed my hips and picked me up and threw me on the bed. He got on top of me and rubbed his cock on mine through my lingerie. Then he put his cock between my ass. I could feel the head of his cock passing by my asshole. After all of this foreplay I was extremely horny. I pushed him up and reached over to my nightstand and got my lube. He went to his jeans and got a condom. He put his condom on and I got on all fours, moved the thong of my teddy aside and before I had a chance to use it he grabbed the lube from me.

I felt him doing something and I looked over my shoulder and he was licking my ass. He stuck one of his fingers in my ass and it around in a circle, just inside my ass. Then he worked another finger in and I could feel him stretching my ass just a little. Then I felt him use the lube. He got up behind me and he put his cock under me and I reached down and felt of his cock and it went to my belly button. I wanted to revel in this for a second but he pulled back. I could feel the head of his cock move up to my ass.

I asked him if he wanted to take the condom off. He took it off and put his hand between my shoulders and pushed my chest down to the bed. He grabbed one of my hips and I felt him working his cock into my ass. Once he got the head in, he grabbed both of my hips and thrust all the way down really hard. It hurt a little and it was so deep that i made it hard for me to breathe. He stayed there for a second then started fucking me slowly. He felt all over my body, ran his hands through my hair, grabbed my thighs. He started going faster and got up over me and started fucking downward. I hear him cumming and I could feel it wetting the lube and making things a little more slippery. I knew he came but he didn't stop, he just slapped my ass. Then he rolled me over pulled off my teddy and left me in just my thigh-highs and gloves.

He pressed his body down on me. I wrapped his legs around him. He started fucking me again. He grabbed my neck and squeezed enough to give me a bit of a head rush. Then picked me up, while still inside me he got up on his knees. My shoulders were still on the bed and I was looking up at him. I still had my legs wrapped around him. He was holding me by my hips and I used his arms to pull myself up to where he is holding me. I wrap my arms around his neck and bite his lip. I let go and fall back on the bed and then get him to lie down. I crawl over on top of him and put my head on his chest for a few seconds. Then I mounted up on his cock. I moved up and down slowly for a second then he starts moving and going faster and deeper than I could. I leaned back and just took it.

I could feel him hitting my prostate and for the first time I became aware that I had a cock too. He kept going harder and harder and my cock started dripping a little bit on his belly and finally a lot of thin cum came out and covered him and I could see it in his face that he was cumming again too. I tried to roll over but he caught me and he spun me around into a 69 position and he started sucking on my balls and licking my ass. I had my face right over where I came. I licked and sucked up all of the cum and kept it in my mouth. I thought me might want to see me swallow it. Then he pushed me upright so I was basically sitting on his face. Then I felt him suck the cum out of my ass (which felt more amazing than I could have imagined). He threw me off and started to kiss me. He moved his mouthful of cum into my mouth and then sucked all of it back into his mouth. Then I told him I wanted to swallow it. I laid back on my back and opened my mouth he leaned over me and let it all run into my mouth. I could see it running off of his tongue then it dripped into my mouth. I showed him my mouthful and I swallowed it with him running his hand over my head.

I was expecting this to be a NSA experience, that is what I advertised. I am glad he stuck around all night. He laid and talked with me in the dark for about an hour. Then I got dressed in a tshirt and some cute boyshorts. We ordered a pizza and got drunk.

He really surprised me I was really thinking it would maybe turn into a regular thing but we are now actually dating now and so far things are going well. He has been over to my house now 3 or 4 times and the sex is amazing. We have even taken showers together and he just makes me feel like real girl.

The way he makes me feel is so great that I am now a girl all the time unless I am at work and I may be finding a new job just so I can go full time CD.

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For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to wearing women's clothing. When I was 4 years old, my mother would take me shopping and I would throw tantrums if my she didn't take me to look at the girls clothes too. I would try on pants but only on one condition: I got to look at the dresses when we were done!

When I was 5 years old, I wanted to be Princess Leila for Halloween. My mother thought it was adorable and was more than happy to buy me the costume. The following year, I was Snow White. Crossdressing for Halloween became a lifelong tradition.

When I was 8, my mother took me to a Thanksgiving parade. It was cold and I wanted to leave, but my mother wanted me to see Santa Claus in the parade. I was wearing a sweater and pants, but my mother was wearing a short skirt. I was freezing and I couldn't understand how my mother wasn't cold. I asked her and she said that her pantyhose kept her warm. "Pantyhose, eh?" I thought. For 6 years, this was my little secret...until...

I was 14 years old and my family had gone to visit family members in a nearby state. I had two female cousins...Caitlin, who was 16 and Kayla, who was 14. It was a Friday night, around 10 pm, and Caitlin was getting ready to sneak out of the house for a date. Kayla and I watched as she plastered her face with makeup. Her blouse was so tight and low that her little breasts were practically bursting out of her top! And her skirt was scandalously short :-)

She left, leaving Kayla and I alone. Kayla was angry at her sister because her parents had told her (Kayla) that she wasn't old enough to wear makeup. So we got into her sister's makeup and she started playing dress up. She said that it was hard to paint her own face and asked if she could practice applying the makeup on my face. She painted me up...and I looked like a street-walking whore! I told her that, since I had let her paint my face, now I got to paint hers. When I was done with her, she looked even sluttier than me!

Then we started putting on Caitlin's clothes. Kayla took off her shirt and quickly pulled on one of Caitlin's tops but before she did, I managed to get a glimpse of her training bra :-) She took off her pants and quickly pulled up a skirt. Then she put on a pair of suntan pantyhose. Then, she told me it was my turn!

I took off my shirt and Kayla helped my get into a dress. Once the dress was on, Kayla reached her hands under my skirt, and pulled my pants down. To my surprise, she grabbed my underwear and pulled them, along with my pants, down in one smooth motion! I was incredibly aroused and had a raging hard-on and was trying to hide it from Kayla. But she pulled the black pantyhose up my legs, she was soon face to face with what I could not hide :-)

She took out some of Caitlin's shoes and she pulled out the two pair with the highest heels. We both put on a pair and practiced walking in heels. Then Kayla said, "You know what we should do?...Drink tequila!" The girls' room was in the basement of the house and the parents, and the guest room that my parents were staying in, were upstairs. Kayla took off her heels and left. She came back with a bottle. We each took a swig and started talking. Kayla told me that she had only kissed one person. I told her that I had never been kissed. We each took another swig. Things get blurry, but Kayla and I began kissing each other. I had been erect for almost 2 hours and was on the verge of cumming...and she hadn't even touched my penis! When Kayla asked me if I knew what a French kiss was, things got really wild :-)

Caitlin had become a master at sneaking in and out of the house and while Kayla and I explored each others mouths with our tongues, the door quietly opened and we both heard three words..."What the fuck?" It was Caitlin, and we had been caught red handed! Kayla immediately started crying and begging Caitlin not to tell their parents. Caitlin made us both stand up. She just looked at us for a minute. She approached me and lifted up my skirt to reveal my erect penis under my pantyhose. "Just as I thought," she said with a smile. She got down on her knees, looked at her sister and said, "Come here." Kayla kneeled next to her sister as Caitlin pulled down my pantyhose and began stroking my cock. All I can OMG! After a few strokes, Kayla said, "Can I try?" Caitlin took my shaft into her mouth and Kayla started licking my balls. I didn't last long and blew my wad all over my stomach. Caitlin told Kayla that if she wanted big boobs, she needed to lick up as much cum as she could while she was still developing. Both girls greedily lapped up every drop from my stomach ;-)

While that had been the most amazing and exhilarating experience in my life up to that point, it was only the second night of a seven-day visit with my cousins. And it only got better!

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About a year and a half ago on my way home from work, while shifting back and forth struggling to find a comfortable position, which occurred more often then not an impossible case at hand by the end of the day. The chastity device placed in my pierced cock just didn't seem to agree with the panties that held it. I thought about how all of this had come to be; how does a good-looking, athletic,charming straight guy become a piece of property made to serve and meet any and all demand, no matter what they maybe. I guess the answer is really simple. I found my soul-mate who is perfectly matched to me in every way and I married her. Our sexual desires fit together so wonderfully and for me, that in its self was amazing. I had always considered myself of the the freakiest guys on the planet. So it was no surprise I'd never had a woman who could even come close to meeting my desires. Truthfully I didn't think there would ever be one. Then I met Porscha, who was not only a match sexually, as if heaven sent, over the years she began to prove to me that even though I may have been one of the freakiest men on the planet, I had nothing on her. She took my desires and put her own nasty spin on them, turning everything into something far past my wildest, most twisted fantasies at that time. I guess to make a long story short I could say I gave her an inch and she took a mile and made me like it and in sum she turned me out. From the start I had been watering all the little seeds of freaky fantasies, trying to make them grow, but the biggest turning point was a few years ago after she had returned from a business trip, being a business manager she often had to take trips out of town for a few days leaving me home alone. (This was before the chastity device stayed locked on my cock all the time; and probably why she held the key at all times.) Porscha had been out of town for 3 days this time and by the second night alone and not getting my fix from her, that I usually got at least twice daily, I lay in bed, my cock hard, rubbing myself and yearning for her, wanting her scent, wanting her touch, her body next to mine. I looked over a saw the dirty laundry basket in the corner and thought I could at least be able to have her scent. I wanted to smell her sweet pussy as I played with myself. I jumped up and almost ran to the basket, praying it was full, but fearing it wasn't because she stays on top of such chores. I flipped up the top and thanked God it was full. I dumped it out and and grabbed all of her panties, bras, and even a sexy little number she had wore the night before she left. I took them to the bed and I stroked my self so slowly intentionally teasing myself and I sniffed and nuzzled my face into the crotches of her panties. The teddy she wore the last night she was home,however she had apparently put back on after we played because the crotch was coated with loads of dried cum and since I wasn't trying to smell myself I set it to the side, but my eyes were drawn to it's sexy vibes. The memories fueled a deep desire within me. I can't explain what went through my mind, but I was so overwhelmed with lust, so hot and horny. I guess I wasn't thinking or can't remember why, but I slipped into her teddy and I loved how it felt, humiliating myself. I massaged my cock with the hand not rubbing my lingerie covered body. I was pretending I was rubbing on my beautiful wife, as I tried to taste her on her dirty panties. I quickly lost control and and my cock filled the teddy with a load of hot thick cum. I didn't stop, my manhood didn't get soft, it seemed to get harder if anything. I ended up coming twice more in her sexy outfit. After coming back to reality, I felt strange, like ashamed of myself. Men aren't supposed to do such things, at least not straight ones, and I have no attraction to men at all, so I can't be gay. I was simply humiliated by my actions. My amazing wife was welcomed home by the fucking of her life and days more of sex laced with lovemaking and passion. I honestly didn't think about my indiscretion for a while ,until the next time she wore that outfit. The guilt tore at my soul, not because I shouldn't have done it, but because I hadn't told her right away. True as it was I had no bad intentions, it just hadn't been on my mind to tell her. None the less I was sick with the fact we tell each other everything and pride ourselves with that fact,yet I had failed to tell her. I pulled her close and told her I had to tell her something. I saw her heart drop fearing the worst, though she should have know better. I first shamefully blurted out that I had wore her outfit and pleased myself in it. Her face showed relief, it wasn't horrible, but now reflected shock. Her strong, cocky, aggressive, dominate MAN had been wearing women's underwear. I sat looking at her, not knowing what to say at first, then I explained myself and the whole story. She in the end said she understood and everything was alright. Which I wanted to believe because we went on to make sweet passionate love,but in my heart I felt like something had changed despite everything she said to reassure me. I felt as if she had a mischievous look in her eyes and she looked at me with what seemed to be a little brighter smile as well. Ever since we met I mentioned my desire for her be be more aggressive and dominate with me, with fantasies of her grabbing me, pushing me down,pulling my cock out and demanding for me to get it hard so she could ride it and things like that. Over the next few days, the change became more clear. It seemed as if the knowledge had given her more confidence and more control. Perhaps she realized with that she now owned me in a strong sense and could now be comfortable putting me below her at times as she thus far had always felt as if she was below me. Whatever the case may be, I got what I asked for. She had sought to be pleased whenever and however she longed to be. Which was fine because I have such a deep desire to please her, that I get off on doing it and it is a good thing. You see it is funny how one person's fantasy grows once it is the others fantasy. All of my freaky desires were pulled out and taken to new levels in her hands. However to be clear never once have I been turned off by anything she has wanted or demanded of me, if for no other reason then I'm so so pleased to please her. I'm just saying my beautiful, seemingly innocent wife turned me out and made me like it. In the days following my confession she took me and made me have my cock pierced for her which I did with a smile, unknowing this meant when she is not beside me or decides that she wants to, she keeps my cock locked up. I knew that day a year and a half ago, when she sent me out of the house in panties that it meant I would most likely have to stay in my chastity device and please her souly with my mouth and toys that day. Because it was almost as if I didn't have a cock in her mind when the panties went on with very few exceptions submitting my ass for her to invade was the only way I would cum if at all on those days. She developed her fantasy of licking and fingering my ass into now it being something to use and abuse fulfilling other fantasies. I used it all to further humiliate myself with thoughts of such abuse being what I deserved for wanting to wear the panties in the house and caused myself to be seen and treated as my wife's little slut. But as long as I know, see, or believe that she is pleased there is no limit to how far I would go for her. That entire week she had planned to test how much that statement really meant. It wasn't just that day, I'd go with no pleasure, locked up, wearing panties. It was an entire week, every single day I ate her pussy and pleasured her with toys. I became tortured with my desires, so hot and horny, I just couldn't explain it. Then later on that day, while surfing porn sites, which we so often do together we “accidentally” came upon a cuckolding website. Looking back I am not so sure it was an accident, but who cares. She played video after video acting as if it was more about being shocked by it instead of turned on by it. The next day I made it a point to put her in the driver's seat on the computer, she went from site to site and after a while found herself yet again watching cuckolding movies with me, just as I'd thought. So I knew I was right , that she liked them and it was not about shock. I put my desperate plan in action. I thought if I played with her during the movie that she would unlock me and let me finally cum. Perhaps I was wrong, and it had been her plan the whole time because in the quickest time frame ever she squirted like a fountain onto my face as she came so hard she shook. She quickly unlocked me and I wasted no time filling her tight pretty pink pussy with semen. She looked down at me with mischievous eyes, and said “Will you eat it for me?” I said nothing keeping my eyes locked on her as I slid down and ate every drop of my cum as if I was a starving cum junkie. She encouraged me often asking if I liked “eating cum from her freshly fucked cunt” in many different ways and I answered with a yes every time with out hesitation. For a month or so she more or less turned me in to her panty wearing clean up boy. If I was lucky enough to cum it was fed back to me, and for that entire time we watched only cuckolding movies. I had even began to watch them on my own in my constant state of horny desire they seemed so hot to me. Then one day as one of the scenes began with what seemed to be a husband and wife getting a stranger to partake in there cuckolding desires. Porscha looks over at me and says “ You know what is amazing to me...” I asked what and she replied “ How in the fuck does this end up happening, surely she just didn't come home one day and hell him, you know what, I'd like to have you eat some strangers cum out of me after he fucks me.” We both laughed at her sarcastic,humor filled statement. We went back to watching the movie as the woman was now sucking the strangers monster sized cock as her husband watched. I thought about what Porscha had just said without looking over I said “Yeah, that's crazy, I can't even imagine how that would come about; shit, your the master of all things sexual, how would you go about asking?” Then I laughed, Porscha allowing me to seem to be joking if she didn't want to answer, but she quickly said “ I don't know maybe hint at a 3some and and if it flew, then hint for oral after?” I said in return “ Just because I maybe alright with a 3some doesn't come close to meaning I would be ok with eating you after.” My heart raced wondering why there was no kind of response as the room fell silent for the longest 30 seconds in history. Then just as I decided that was the end of the conversation, Porscha started “wellll..... I don't have a clue then how they managed such things.” she paused and then went on to say “ but if it was us instead of them it is a big difference” I just looked at her like Oh really, and she continued “ yeah, after I get you to agree to a 3some it's over. I laughed and said “that easy, huh?” She had presented an answer as a joke to feel me out I think because she went on in a more serious tone to say “I mean we both know if you agreed to a 3some to start with it wouldn't be the dominate man in you, it would be that little panty wearing submissive slut in you, and I have got that side trained.” and with that she ran her hand lightly over my face as she looked me up and down questioning me “isn't that right?” without a thought I answered “true”. After a second I began wondering if I had been saying true it would have had to be my submissive side as I intended to or had she meant if I agreed I was trained to eat nut from her cunt. She reached over and began to rub on my chest and we made out for a while before I found my way down to eat her dripping wet pussy and I must have done a hell of a job because she shot cum out hard enough to take an eye out. That night as we cuddled up to sleep she seemed to be spacing out so I asked if she was ok. She replied “what?” as if I had startled her or she had been lost I repeated my question and she smiled mischievously and said “oh I was just wondering when we'd have that 3some.” I returned her smile and in a joking tone answered “ I been waiting on the willing stranger to materialize and appear at our door.” We both laughed and tightened out grip on each other. Perhaps she wondered as I did as I drifted off to sleep if that was a joke or not.....

I am always of the mind set that where we have been doesn't matter only where we are going matters, so I very seldom look back and ask what if, But later on I had to ask the “what if”. It wasn't meant with any form of regret, I was only wondering what she would have done if I would have reacted differently then I had. The next day when I came home and she pulled up a chair to show me what she had found. I'll never forget how she said “I was thinking just in case we don't like it and it's just a one time thing we might as well go big! Right?!... So I searched for only above average hung swingers in our area and this is what I found.” She pointed at a half a dozen ad's she found. As strange as it may sound my first thought was how her pussy is so tight she could squeeze change out of a dollar bill, and I don't mean quarters, I am saying choke 100 fuckin' pennies out of that bill. Yet she was worried about bigger than average meat now, I briefly found myself amused by that. She had paused trying to think of a way to make it into a joke, until I glanced at her with playful evil smile and said “I knew it! You nasty little whore.” She innocently shrugged her shoulders and said “what?” I looked at the screen as the reality finished setting in, my wife had more or less just asked me to help her find a man to fuck her so I could eat her freshly fucked and filled cunt. She nervously decided to chatter about how as long as they were clean and not hideous trolls that it didn't matter to was purely sexual and about the sex act and not sex with this person. I must admit my cock was as hard as the chastity device would allow. Butterflies filled my stomach and it was like someone else said it, I was just there as I told her to “pick one and another of need be, until you find one who would be interested in tonight”. I went to hop up and tell her I'd be right back with a couple of drinks. It was done. I was gonna go through with it, just like in the movies I'd been watching, wondering if she wanted it and what it would be like to give in to such a thing. I returned with a whole bottle of bourbon to the news that the first one she called had answered and had claimed to be more than willing to but she went on, her expression saddening. He had mentioned having some car trouble and sounded unsure when he promised he would be here at 8 pm, which was less that 3 hours away. We showered, shaved, and loved on each other while we nervously talked about nothing. She, fittingly I guess, gave me the teddy I had first played in to start this whole thing with. Which I put on as she asked, but I quickly covered and hid beneath a robe. The shameful humiliating thought of anyone never the less another man seeing me in such a thing about make me throw up and I semi intentionally tortured myself with the thoughts and telling myself I'd stepped into a role now and I would have to play the part. My wife put on a sexy, hot as hells fire outfit that made her look like the porn star version of little red riding hood. She had on some bright red 7 inch heels that set it off contrasting with the light colors of her outfit. All that you could see was light blue and white school girlish attire with white stalkings attached to the garter belt and the straps were exposed in the short skirt. Her lipstick was bright red and to top it all off she wore a bright red thong that made her perfect ass look like a work of art.

Our doorbell rang and my heart raced, I was so nervous and I felt strange in my wife's lingerie even thought it was hid beneath a robe. I was red faced and ashamed like the little bitch I was clearly dressed like. I mumbled “I'll be right back” as my wife headed to the door. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, picturing the moment I would remove the robe to be embarrassed in a way I never dreamed was possible. I heard voices as the door shut then I heard footsteps coming closer. It was Porscha, who said “what are you doing?” and she gave me a light slap. I looked in her eyes then looked down at myself. She chuckled and said “you'll be fine” then winked and said”I won't let them hurt you”. My eyes widened in confusion as she took me by the hand and started to explain that “he asked a friend to give him a ride and the friend agreed hoping to get a ride himself. Which is the least we can do. Right?” Her joke helped a little although it was about reality. She led me to the living room where the two men in their mid 20's I'd guess awaited us, well, her rather. She let go of my hand and had a seat on the sofa between the two men and I went ahead and sat in the recliner across from them. The one to her left apparently was the one she had called broke the silence, looking over at me he began “ sorry I had to ask..” Porscha cut him off, putting her finger to his lips saying “Shhhhh..” as her free hand undid his belt. Watching my wife unbuttoning a stranger's pants made my cock twitch in anticipation. Removing her finger from his lips she continued to remove his pants and then reached behind her to grab the younger guy's crotch massaging him through his pants. Until she had gotten his friend's jeans undone and pulled his semi-hard cock free, she let out a purring “mm mm, nice.” She slowly moved her hand up and down on his member and turned a little to the younger guys direction to see what he was doing and to pull his chunk of man meat out of his pants. She then looked at me and with a sexy tone said “ I wish you two would stand up and let me taste those big cocks you brought me.” The younger one jumped up at light speed, putting his now rock hard cock before my wife. I was so hard in my chastity device that it hurt. Porscha looked over, her eyes meeting mine, she watched me watching her wrap her lips around his cock. Just as she had done mine countless times before, I knew those lips were magical. She took a little in and withdrew it flicking the head and running her tongue all over it before turning to the oldest guys dick. It had a large pearl of precum on it, which she licked off as she looked back at me to see my face as her tongue took the cum off his cock and returned back to her mouth. She swallowed it and said “mmm. You taste so good.” She would look up at them at times as she tried to shove their cocks down her throat, but more often than not her eyes were locked on me. I wondered if she knew I set there with a raging hard-on as I watched her suck cock, wearing her teddy. Finally she pulled the cock from her mouth with a popping sound and looked at me and said “ would you like to eat this pussy and get it nice and ready for these big dicks?” I shook my head yes, and got up, she got up as well to meet me in the middle of the living room, with cocks in each hand. She pulled them along and dropped to her knees as soon as she stopped she spread her legs wide and I climbed in behind her rubbing her ass and down between her legs planning to slide down. Just as she glanced back and said “I hope you plan on taking that dumb ass robe off.” Both men looked down at me as she stroked and sucked on them. Nervous, shy, and ashamed I turned my back to them while on my knees behind my wife. I removed the robe and threw it in the floor and quickly went down to slide between Porscha's legs avoiding having to face the two men. I slid her panties to the side and her pussy literally dripped on my face. She was so horny sucking on these guys. I licked the drop off my lower lip where it had landed. Her pussy was so sweet, I dove in licking and sucking her soaking cunt. She was loving it and I hadn't been there long and she filled my mouth full of her squirt. I swallowed, thinking it wouldn't be all I was fed by her cunt that night. After she stopped twitching and jerking she spun herself around and briefly for the first time the two looked into the face of the cross-dressed man who's wife they were about to pound. Then it was over she straddled my face bending over and onto me. She rubbed my hard as possible cock letting out a “ Hmm...” Right before she put the one of the guys cocks in her mouth. I didn't know which one until finally I saw the older one moving in behind her and over my face. I reached my arms around the outside of her thighs, reaching for her outer pussy lips on each side I held my wife's cunt open for the stranger's big dick. I watched him work inside of her, getting a close up of the wild rough pounding that followed minutes later. My wife moaned on the cock that was in her mouth as I held her apart with one hand and worked her clit with the other hand. I watched the stranger slam his meat hammer in my wife, turning her pretty pink pussy in to a red abused gash. He hastily pumped cum deep inside, when he finally pulled out I quickly started licking her clit. I could see her trying to squeeze the cum out of her pussy, but very little came out. The younger man appeared with cock in hand. I kissed and sucked at her hole and then moved aside with a few globs of semen in my mouth. The youngest stranger rammed half and then the second half of his cock up my wife's love canal. The young horny man quickly gained speed and started dragging nut from the depths of her pussy. I caught all that I could and swallowed all that made it into my mouth. She cried out many “yes's” and begged him to “fuck her” as if he wasn't already savagely beating her cunt wide open and she was fucking loving the abuse. She came within minutes and he followed her, slamming deep inside her filling her full of his sperm, He sighed after her orgasm, because it had caused her to be come so tight the stand and he had to regretfully slid his meat out of her sweet pussy. He was satisfied I could tell, but who wouldn't want more of her tight, wet fuck hole. She collapsed down on top of me with her slit right over my mouth, and how could I resist, I started licking her clit and her head sprung up form my lap. She hissed “yeah, that's right.. Eat it, you little slut, eat that freshly fucked pussy, and drink all that cum out of it. Did you like how they fucked your wife for you?” as she ground her slit down on my face. It had a glob for semen running from it, that covered my face as I acted like a cock hungry whore for Porscha while eating her and both stranger's nut. While slightly gagging on one of the larger loads escaping her. I couldn't help but think again how I did this, I put on the panties and told Porscha. I knew she naturally see's and treats me like a slut sometimes,and now I have been degraded to cleanup boy as real men; men who didn't wear panties had to satisfy my wife's needs. I was still eating her as she called me names and talked dirty about eating cum from her, until she was given something to quiet her. That of course being a big cock, that she was quickly gagging on as he roughly fucked her face. The younger man, who seemed to have hated to withdraw earlier from her cunt, had returned for more. She arched her back and stuck her ass up and out for him. I once again shamefully held my wife's gash open to help this strange man fuck my wife better. It would seem both had come back for another round with rougher intentions than before because the cunt hammering she'd got at the end of her last piping was the very start of this one. Mean while, apparently his friend was trying to shove his big cock balls deep in her throat. She was choking and gagging as he let out moans of pleasure. He called her “a slut” and asked “do you like that you fucking whore? Do you like having your throat fucked?” At one point the pair was in rhythm and seemed to be driving her from one to the other. She bounced back and forth, moaning and choking here and there. She came once and then almost immediately came harder then the first time. Her tightening and jerking must have worked wonders on the two stranger's fulling her full of cock. The one she was sucking, announced he was cumming and must have pulled back because I heard Porscha moaned “ mmmmm, give it to me, I wanna taste it.” Perhaps the words were the final straw for his younger companion because he gasped and I saw his dick and balls jerk once inside my wife's abused raw cunt, then he jerked out and jacked another three sprays of semen onto my wife's pussy and and asshole. Then as if to ice the cake of humiliation, he started at the base of his cock and squeezed the entire length, cleaning the rest out. He watched it fall onto my face and smiled.

I stared at my wife's crotch and the globs of cum hanging off her pussy and surrounding area. I guess she could feel the cum on her and she pushed down burying my face in her cummy middle, rubbing it all over my face covering me real good. She finally flipped around to face me her hands on my shoulders as she looked down at the coating of jizz covering me as I looked up at her. Porscha's eyeliner was running from her face, which vaguely matched mine. We looked like we had just done an oral gang bang. Still looking down at me she said “thanks guys for coming over.” She was answered with “sure no problem” form one and the other said “ anytime, you just call and we will come running.” she laughed and said “I am sure you would.” Porscha and I just stared at each other as they dressed and thanked us again and offered to return anytime then closed the door. She lifted a finger and began to play in the cum facial I had been given. She said “Thank You” I went to speak and she put her finger to my mouth saying “Shhhhh..” she leaned in to kiss me and we made out briefly before she reached onto the coffee table for her key. She pulled out my cock and started to unlock it, stating that she could see I came without permission. She announced that from now on I would be locked back between my legs in the other chastity device. A piercing between my legs towards my ass that allowed less hardening of my cock once the two piercings were locked together. She finally unlocked me and grabbed my cock which was hard instantly and climbed on top of me. She began saying since I was such a good girl, I could now try to be a good boy now. Her cunt was tight but not as tight as normal. Which oddly I found to be amazing. She slammed her cunt down on my throbbing dick as we played with each others pierced nipples, eating the cum off each others faces. I found myself in heaven in my wife's freshly fucked snatch, that I had just cleaned nut from, wrapped around me as she rode me. We passionately cleaned each other, he big tits cupped in my big hands between us. It was heaven, yes true heaven. We roughly rode each other once more following that, and once more a few hours later we made love like never before. I am not sure how we go from one extreme to another but then again. I don't care because it makes for a wonderful time. Plus who else do you know who might go from husband to Master to slut back to daddy in a day, maybe a week, maybe a month, But I get to be it all.........

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Mom opened my bedroom door. she stood there in the doorway and stared at me obviously repulsed. after 10 or so seconds she closed the door and walked away.
i was mortified. i was kneeling on my bed, with her clothing catalogue open at the lingerie section laying on the bed before me, hard cock in hand. But most embarrassing.....i was wearing my mom's black bra, suspender belt and black stockings....her black panties were thrown onto the bedroom floor, cast aside when the urge to cum had become too much.

for weeks after this incident, we barely spoke. as it was just the two of us since Dad had left, this was all the more awkward. although i was glad dad wasn't around to hear of my "perversion"

Other than her initial disgust, mom seemed to have an overriding feeling of guilt, like she'd let me down, not giving me a male role model to follow. she'd questioned my sexuality, which i assured her i was straight. Coming out as bi-curious now would have destroyed her!

one day upon returning from school, i walked into the kitchen to find mom and her friend Linda. Mom had a glass of wine and was slurring her words. "here she is" she blurted out she'd clearly been talking with Linda about my indiscretion all afternoon.
Linda however reprimanded her for her mocking tone. and explained to her that my dressing as a girl was most likely a passing phase, and that it didn't make me gay, just curious. she also said it was probably just the feel of the clothes against my skin that aroused me. She seemed strangely clued up.....i was however thankful, as my mom seemed to listen and take her comments on board. even apologizing to me and gave me a hug.

Linda then turned to me. "look Simon" she said "I understand what you're going through right now, if you'd like to come over to mine tomorrow night, we can talk, it would probably help for you to talk to someone other than your mom about this right?"

How embarrassing.....i looked at mom, she looked puzzled, but after a brief paused nodded in agreement.
I tried to insist that i didn't need to talk to anyone and that i didn't even want to dress up anymore (which was a lie....I'd not dressed since mom caught me and was now desperate to slip into something feminine)
reluctantly i agreed. We arranged for me to visit after school, I'd go for tea and then we'd chat, before she ran me home.

next day at school was a torment. i was dreading "chatting" with Linda. God knows what she thought she "knew" that was going to make thing better.
I got to her house at about 4:30. her small red car was on the drive, so i knew she was home. gutted!
I knocked, she answered she was wearing a black tailored skirt suit, and white blouse with black patent heels. she looked smart. like she'd dressed specially.
"you look nice" I said, "Thank you Simon" she replied. I've been for a job interview. This seemed unlikely, Linda worked from home and judging by the decor was doing quite well.

we went through to the kitchen where Linda served tea. She'd prepared a full cooked dinner, like we only had on Sundays at home. "Job interview my arse" I thought.
Linda wasn't an attractive woman, but not ugly she was short, but around my height in her heels. she had almost white blonde hair. not long, but backcombed to make it "bigger" she was I guess late 40's. She was single. Mom had told me the gory details of how her boyfriend had left her for a much younger woman.

Over the meal we made small talk about school, about whether I had a girlfriend (I didn't) a boyfriend? (i'd acted indignant and said NO!)
I'd tried to avoid the subject hoping she'd just be happy with the small talk but eventually she'd asked how long i'd been dressing.

"around 12 months"

"Because it turns you on?"

"I guess so yes..." (embarrassed)

"look, your mom is wrong to reprimand you about this, in fact, if you were my son, I'd just get you some of your own clothes to wear and let you work it out"

"" I responded.

"Look, when I was with Bryan (the runaway boyfriend) he liked to dress as a woman, and I was fine with it. It didn't make him gay in fact we had some great night with him dressed as briany"

"erm ok"....this wasn't where I'd expected this conversation to go.

"come with me" Linda said, standing and taking my hand and leading me from the table.
We went upstairs to what I assume was Linda's room. It was pretty and floral with a huge 4 poster bed, a little over the top in a room this size, but still nice.
Laid out on the bed were several items of clothing..... women's clothing....women's underwear.
"These were Briany's" Linda said. "would you like to try them on"

Now in hindsight, I should maybe have said no....looked at her like she was a weirdo and walked out....maybe even told my mum about her. But as I said earlier, I'd not dressed up now for around 8 weeks and the urge to raid my mom' knicker drawer was becoming too much. Here was Linda, with a wardrobe full of stuff for me to wear!
"yes please" I blurted out
"good boy" she said, "you'll need some help getting into that corset"

"oh erm....yeah I guess" I said.....she wanted to stay while I dressed?...she wanted to watch. I'd kind of assumed she'd have left me alone to try them on.

I undressed.

Linda giggled "your so smooth" I didn't shave, I just hadn't got bodily hairy like most of the other boys at school.

Finally I stood before her in just my pants. "those too silly" she said. "i'd rather not" I replied....

"look, I'll turn away and you can swap them for those black panties there ok?"

I nodded. and Linda made a theatrical gesture of covering her eyes and i quickly switched panties. This whole little charade was pointless as when Linda opened her eyes, the black panties barely hid my erection. Linda grinned.

"Turn around" she said, lifting the corset from the bed, I slipped my arms through the straps as she held in up to me, and then turned for her to fasten the clasps at the back.

She fastened me in, it was tight, but so feminine, finished in black and purple satin, with black lace trim around the cleavage and thighs. it had 4 suspender clasps. Linda said "sit down" and handed me a pair of black lace topped fishnet stockings, "put these one" she said
I rolled back the stockings and slid them up my legs. Linda looked on. Clearly enjoying what she saw. I smiled at her. finally becoming more comfortable in this situation.
Finally Linda reached below the bed, and pulled out a pair of black heels. 4" high. I'd never worn girls shoes before.
I slipped them on, they were a little tight, but not too bad. Maybe just a size too small.
Holding my hands Linda helped me to my feet. I was now taller than her. She kissed me, full on the lips, tongue probing my mouth.
"you'll be beautiful when I do your makeup and wig darling" she said. "but that's for another night isn't it, as I can see your a little too excited for that right now aren't you?"
I nodded....we sat back down on the bed. Linda next to me, still kissing me, she took my cock from the panties.
First she lingered at the tip with her long painted nails, so much pre-cum, then she grasped it, tight and began to jerk me off....still kissing me....oh god i was cumming already!